What you get

Everyday enjoy new workouts and new nutrition plans customizable to your specific fitness and lifestyle goals. All wrapped up in a simple, easy to use interface.


At $1.50 a month you get a new workout routine every day. Of which, you can choose whether you would like to workout at a gym, at home, or outdoors. As well as the option to customize your fitness level for each workout between beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Each exercise also has a link to a video demonstrating how to do the exercise with proper form.

Nutrition plans

A new nutrition plan will be available to you daily. Of which, you can choose whether you would like to view a meat, vegetarian, or vegan lifestyle. As well as your choice between 4 calorie sizes; 1200, 1500, 1800, or 2000.


Fitness Archive

Full members get access to all past workouts and nutrition plans. If a certain day's workout doesn't sound good to you, simply scroll through the archive to find one that does.

Grocery List

Take advantage of our grocery list to get this week's, next week's, or a custom date range of upcoming ingredients you will need for your meals.

The price

15 Day Free Trial Monthly Membership Annual Membership
$1.50 a month
$12 a year
33% Savings!
Access to today's workouts and nutrition plans Supported Supported Supported
Access to all past workouts and nutrition plans Not Supported Supported Supported
Access to customizable grocery lists Not Supported Supported Supported

The philosophy

The philosophy behind I Want To Be Healthy is simply to help people become healthy. More specifically, we want to increase people's quality of life through health.

I Want To Be healthy's goal isn't to make you look like a super model. In fact, many super model’s lifestyles are far from healthy. For that reason we won't try to draw you into subscribing by putting pictures of ripped men or women on our site. Instead we want to create the opportunity for people to become healthy and happy without having to spend hundreds of dollars a month like other online fitness programs.

Healthy to us is the consistent energy all day you get from fueling your body with the nutrients it needs. It means solid restful sleep. It is that healthy glow in your skin you get from regularly exercising and eating right. Lastly, being healthy means having the opportunity to be able to do things you have never been able to do before. Like running your first 5k with your friends or family or even climbing a mountain.

Our fitness and nutrition program will help you lose weight if you are overweight. It will help you tone up your body and help you look more fit. These are great advantages of living a healthy lifestyle but, for us, they are not the main goal. We want you to be healthy so you can experience that freedom from illness. That clarity from a healthy mind, free of unnatural chemicals and poor nutrition. Plenty of energy throughout the day to do the things you want to do. And an overall happier outlook on life.

If this sounds like what you have been looking for, then spend the $1.50 a month to join I Want To Be Healthy. Start changing your life today.